You’re playing a fun mobile game, and over the duration of a week, you become a trillionaire in the game’s currency. Not a big deal, right? We take it so lightly, and it’s not necessarily a large feat. How hard could it be for today’s entrepreneurs?

The reality is that the key to success in the 21st-century is the thing we use daily: technology. The same device you use to do your chemistry homework, play games, and read articles can create the next big thing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often thrown around left and right without truly understanding its potential…

JEC TORONTO — With the recent controversy involving GameStop Corp, the electronics retail company’s stock surged due to a shocking Reddit effort. The newly excited r/WallStreetBets group on Reddit single-handedly took down a large hedge fund and drove up GameStop stocks without looking back. These eventful past few days have indeed shown what the future entails for the stock market.

What Happened

The GameStop stock (GME) rose from approximately $18 per share to an astonishing $340 per share within a few days. Institutional investors, one of whom is the Melvin Capital hedge fund, recently saw an opportunity to use short selling to…

Persuadables, Surveillance Capitalism, and Economic Implications

Was it democracy and free will that chose the next president, or was it our addiction to unregulated social media? I have sadly come to believe that my future vote is up for sale. Many of us young voters are open-minded and trying to educate ourselves on the facts when choosing who we will support politically. However, through years of social media use, a detailed profile has been built on predicting our future actions.

Surveillance Capitalism

Before the 2016 U.S. election, Cambridge Analytica, with data acquired from Facebook, claimed it had 5,000 data points on nearly…

JEC TORONTO — Silicon Valley has been home to the largest tech companies in the world: Apple, Alphabet, and Oracle, just to name a few. At the heart of innovation, finding the right community, both environmental and interpersonal, is critical. However, as with many things, money is the driving force that can create a change in the way things are done; in the case of 2021 Silicon Valley, it is fuelling the push for a tech exodus.

Illustration of movement from California to other states
Illustration of movement from California to other states

Businesses need money to grow; large corporations need it even more. From market research to the development of a product itself, companies have…

Mental Health and the Economy. The Ups and the Downs.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been at large for over a year now and has brought significant effects on Canadian communities' stress levels. For both children and adults, mental health has been a complicated task for families to manage. Individuals are advised to get off a screen; however, stay-at-home protocols result in nothing but time spent on laptops or phones. Subsequently, new entrepreneurs are finding ways to help ease the strain digitally.

The crises of 2020 have taken stress, anxiety and depression to entirely new levels for employees, who are trying…

Healthcare is more important than ever. The times are changing, and the economy may very well depend on a successful vaccine.

There is now a huge market for the COVID-19 vaccine. Companies across the world are developing a world-changing and intense revenue making product. At the moment, 23 companies are developing the treatment, each publicizing their work, generating revenue and establishing tremendous demand. At the moment, no vaccines have been authorized, so we can’t determine which companies will prevail. However, Canadian authorities have publicized how they predict different producers selling the vaccine will fare in the marketplace.

The Immediate Impact

When the prospect…

Rajan Agarwal

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